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Ashes and Embers Theatrics presents "The Nightscape" a seasonal Halloween event that is part Twilight Zone, part Haunted House, part Improvisation and part Immersive Theatre, Geared for adult frights more sensitive viewers are warned,


This year”s offering is "Seance, Beyond the Smoke and Mirrors."  Audiences are invited to a social mixer introducing a fortune teller, a tarot card reader, spiritist investigator and a professional skeptic. Examples of their talents will be demonstrated. Fortunes read, mysteries investigated, and dreams revealed.


The Social Mixer will lead into the main event, The Seance. Using classic gags and new technology a portal to the other side will be opened. Things will go wrong. Members will be lost, and the evening will end badly. Just as it should if you participate in something called a "Seance.“

Seance seating is limited. Seance is located at Luther Memorial Church Basement Theatre, 2500 West Wilson Avenue,  Chicago, IL 60625.



Fri 10/3 - 8pm*  Sat . 10/4- 8pm* Sun 10/5- 6pm*


Fri 10/10- 8pm  Sat  10/11- 8pm Sun 10/12- 7pm

Fri 10/17- 8pm  Sat  10/18- 8pm Sun  10/19- 7pm

Fri 10/24- 8pm  Sat  10/25- 8pm Sun 10/26- 7pm

Fri 10/31- 8pm  Sat  11/ 1- 8pm Sun  11/ 2- 7pm

Fri  11/7- 8pm   Sat  11/ 8- 8pm Sun 11/ 9- 7pm


Suggested Ticket Donation $24




Seance --- Last Night Saturday Nov 8

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