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Seance, Beyond Smoke and Mirrors


Greetings Adventurers


Halloween is that time to leave the videos, games, texting and endless episodic television and go experience something first hand.  To challenge oneself to confront the mysterious, the unknown and the dangerous. If you are not weak of heart or slight of body this is your invitation to Adventure , to mystery , to the unknown, to the Nightscape “ Seance, Beyond Smoke and Mirrors”.


You and your group of friends are invited to a party introducing a mis-fortune teller, a tarot card reader, spiritist investigator and a professional skeptic. Examples of their talents will be demonstrated. Fortunes read, mysteries investigated, and dreams or nightmares revealed.


The Social Mixer will lead into the main event, The Seance. Using classic techniques and new technologies a portal to the other side will be opened. Things will go wrong. Members will be lost, and the evening will end badly. Just as it should if you participate in something called a Nightscape "Seance.“

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Dates --- Time ---Tickets
Dates --- Time ---Tickets

Seance --- Last Night Saturday Nov 8

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